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2024 National Dex Tournament Circuit
Circuit Leaderboard
Welcome to the 2023 National Dex Tournament Circuit! This circuit will have players compete in a variety of tournaments to gain points and ultimately face off against each other in the Tournament Circuit Playoffs for the Grand Prize of the National Dex Circuit Ribbon! Without further ado, here is the tournament schedule:

Circuit Tournaments
[Type A Double Elim] National Dex Winter Seasonal
- Signups on January 7

[Type C Single Elim] SS National Dex Cup - Signups on February 18

National Dex Ladder Tournament IV
Cycle 1 - Signups go up June 2
Cycle 2 - Signups go up June 9
Cycle 3 - Signups go up June 16
Cycle 4 - Signups go up June 23
[Type A] Playoffs - June 30th

[Type A Double Elim] National Dex Summer Seasonal - Signups go up August 4

[Type B] National Dex Last Chance - Signups go up October 6

National Dex Circuit Playoffs - December 1

Team Tournaments
National Dex World Cup III
~ Manager signups go up March 17
~ Player signups go up March 10
National Dex Premier League IV
~ Manager Signups go up August 11
~ Player Signups go up August 18
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